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Comité Ejecutivo

Jess Newton - USFWS Region 2 Representative

Jess Newton began working at the Arizona Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office in March of 2014 and came from the Pacific Islands Fish and Wildlife Office - Ecological Services, where he served as the Assistant Field Supervisor for Maui and Hawaii Island and, previously, as the Recovery Program Leader. In the Pacific Islands, Jess’ work focused on implementation of the Endangered Species Act: including consultations, HCP’s, recovery permits, and recovery planning. Prior to that, Jess spent 12 years at the Red Bluff Fish and Wildlife Office, California, where he served as a fisheries program manager, working to recover listed Chinook salmon and steelhead trout. Jess also worked for the USGS conducting radio telemetry research on migration patterns of juvenile fish affected by large hydropower facilities on the Snake River, Idaho.

Jeremy Voeltz - Lower Colorado Representative

Jeremy Voeltz is currently a Fish Biologist and Project Coordinator with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Arizona Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office. He graduated from Northern Arizona University in 1999 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology with an emphasis in Fish and Wildlife Management. In 2006, Jeremy accepted his current job with the Service in Pinetop, Arizona as the recovery lead for the threatened Apache trout. His main duties are working towards the recovery of Apache trout, providing technical fisheries assistance to Native American Tribes in Central and Eastern Arizona, and supervising and developing a staff that varies in size from four full time employees to an additional 14 seasonal employees during the summer. He currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Desert Fish Habitat Partnership at the Lower Colorado River Area Coordinator.

Megan Bean - TX Co-Chair & Rio Grande Rep.

Megan is a Watershed Ecologist for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  She has a MS degree in Biology from Texas State University - San Marocs where she studied native fish conservation in the Rio Grande basin.  As a Watershed Ecologist, she coordinates the planning, design, and implemtation of landscape-scale habitat restoration, enhancement, and preservation projects in priority rivers and associated watersheds.  She also provides technical guidance on conservation best management practices to landowners and local community partners to support healthy rivers, natural habitat conditions, sustainable native fish populations, and high-quality conservation-oriented recreational activities in Texas rivers.  She loves spending time playing outside and camping with her husband and two little boys.

Dan Dauwalter - NGO Representative

Dan is a fisheries scientist with Trout Unlimited (since 2008) in Boise, Idaho where he works on projects ranging from conservation planning across broad landscapes to understanding how microhabitat structures fish communities and habitat use by desert fishes.  Dan completed a post-doc at the University of Wyoming where he worked with the Forest Service developing long-term monitoring plans for management indicator species, and he completed his Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University in 2006 where he studied how stream restoration influences fish populations and communities. Dan is also the chair of DFHP's Science and Data Committee.

Cynthia Tait - Federal Co-Chair

Cynthia is the Regional Aquatic Ecologist (and also the Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator) for the Intermountain Region of the U.S. Forest Service, which covers 12 national forests across NV, UT, southern ID, and western WY, and her focus is on non-game fishes, amphibians, and invertebrates. She has an MS in Herpetology and PhD in Fisheries Science, both from Oregon State University. She studied steelhead production in high desert streams, as well as life history and distribution of the threatened Warner sucker in southern Oregon. 

Jon Sjoberg - Basin and Range Representative

Jon has a BS in Renewable Natural Resources from the University of Nevada, Reno and over 35 years experience in Fisheries and Aquatic Species Conservation.  He is currently the Chief of Fisheries for the Nevada Department of Wildlife in Reno and prior to that worked for 24 years in southern Nevada as NDOW’s Native Aquatic Species Biologist and Regional Fisheries Supervisor.

Krissy Wilson - Upper Colorado Representative

Bio Coming Soon

Kai - T Bluesky - Tribal Liason

Kai-T is responsible for the development of Natural Resources and Conservation and Wildlife Management Programs for the Pueblo of Cochiti that are consistent with cultural priorities. He oversees and manages habitat restoration projects, monitoring, grants and contracts, develops cooperative measures, and serves as liaison with Tribes, Federal, State, county, and Non-governmental organizations and entities.  Kai-T also provides outreach and collaboration with community and education institutions, writes technical reports and proposals, and provides field support for restoration and rehabilitation projects.  He has experience with rangeland inventory, fisheries management, big game management, cuturally significant species, birds, mammals, population estimates, and wildlife behavior. 

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