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Redhorse, Roach & Sculpin Species

Gray redhorse
Mexican redhorse
California roach (Pit)
Virgin River roach
Pit Sculpin
Photo Credit: ODFW
Mottled sculpin
Paiute sculpin
Malheur mottled sculpin
Shoshone sculpin
Upper Klamath marbled sculpin
Wood River sculpin
Margined sculpin
Klamath Lake sculpin
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Shiner Species

Lahontan redside shiner
Hotspring redside shiner
Redside shiner
Beautiful shiner
Proserphine shiner
Tamaulipas shiner
Chihuahua shiner
Rio Grande shiner
Pecos bluntnose shiner
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Springfish & Stoneroller Species

Preston White River springfish
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White River springfish
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Hiko White River springfish
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Moapa White River springfish
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Moorman White River springfish
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Railroad Valley springfish
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Mexican stoneroller
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Sucker Species

Razorback sucker
Wall Canyon sucker
Photo Credit: CA Department of Fish and Wildlife
Bluehead sucker
Photo Credit: DesertFHP
Flannelmouth sucker
Photo Credit: DesertFHP
Modoc sucker
Photo Credit- ODFW
Utah sucker
Warner Sucker
Photo Credit: ODFW
heads of hybrid and june
Sonora sucker
Wall Canyon sucker
Blue sucker
Goose Lake sucker
Shortnose sucker
Klamath smallscale sucker
Klamath largescale sucker
Yaqui sucker
Desert sucker
Sonora sucker
Tahoe sucker
Mountain sucker
Rio Grande sucker
White River desert sucker
Owens sucker
Little Colorado sucker
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Spikedace, Spinedace, Tetra, & Woundfin Species

Little Colorado spinedace
Big Spring spinedace
Virgin spinedace
Mexican tetra
Mexican tet
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California roach (Pit)