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2011 Projects

Moapa Dace Apcar Box Culvert, NV

Apcar Spring is one of 25 thermal source springs for the Muddy (aka Moapa) River in the ‘warm springs’ area of Clark County, Nevada state and historically home to four endangered species. It was originally carpeted with aquatic vegetation but following invasion by non-native Gambusia, Poecilia, andTilapia, had become seriously degraded by the mid-1990s. 

Moapa dace were reintroduced to the system and a stable population developed, but it was separated from additional habitat in lower sections of the system by an under-sized, raised culvert. In 2011 a DFHP team of volunteers installed a much larger box culvert, which allowed the spring to flow freely once more and restored connectivity to an important section of the spring system.

This project was completed in 2013 and now connects vital breeding areas (upstream) with holding areas (downstream) for Moapa dace. The Stream Bank Habitat Rehabilitation project was developed by the Moapa Band of Paiutes (a sovereign tribe) and is a 2014 DFHP project. 


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