Blueheads & Bonnevilles 

The Desert Fish Habitat Partnership and the Western Native Trout Initiative are proud to present "Blueheads and Bonnevilles", a short film about the work we are doing with our partners in the Weber River, Utah, to benefit the native fish Bluehead sucker and Bonneville cutthroat trout.  We produced the film to celebrate the fish and their habitat, the strong partnership that has developed for the Weber River, and the 10th anniversary of the National Fish Habitat Partnership.   

More information about our work

Completed projects 
Read more about the three projects already completed through this partnership, with before and after photos and links to timelapse video.  READ MORE   


We need your support!  

There is still so much work to be done on the Weber River for these native fish and we need your help! Please make your personal impact through our CrowdRise funding page to get the next 2 fish passage projects underway for Morgan Diversion and Jacobs Creek.   



Help us fundraise! 

Interested in creating your own team to help us through our Foundation for Western Fish and Wildlife?  We would love to have your help!  Added incentives: anyone who raises $500 or more through our CrowdRise team will receive a WNTI growler and the top fundraiser wins a Reddington rod and reel donated by our partners at Trout Unlimited.                                                      



Photo Credit for All Images: Paul Burnette, Fish Biologist from Trout Unlimited

We can't do this alone! Our success takes many partners working together collaboratively. Thank you to all our partners! 

Lawrence T. &
Janet T. Dee
South Weber Irrigation Company
Lawrence T. &
Janet T. Dee



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