Photo Credit: Stephanie Vail-Muse USFWS Biologist

Goals and Priorities

DFHP Goals

  •  Protect healthy intact aquatic systems supporting native desert fish habitats.

  • Prevent further degradation of impaired desert fish habitats

  • Reverse declines in the quality and quantity of desert fish habitats to improve health and resiliency of desert fish and other aquatic species

  • Increase the quality and quantity of desert fish habitats that support a broad natural diversity of desert aquatic species

  • Contribute to the success of national efforts to protect and enhance aquatic habitats by participating in the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) 

Three Conservation Priorities

1. Integrate State Wildlife Action Plan priorities with the National Fish Habitat Action Plan strategies to include the following:

  •  protect intact and healthy habitats

  • restore and maintain flow and water levels

  • restore connectivity, while protecting native populations at-risk from non-native encroachment

  • remediate and minimize sediments and excessive input of nutrients to habitats supporting species at-risk 


2. Implement on-the-ground projects that focus actions to  protect  the most under-served, imperiled desert fish species identified in state wildlife action plans to enhance their conservation status and prevent their extirpation and extinction.


3. Prioritize projects to conserve and restore  habitat  for the most under-served, imperiled desert fish species



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