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Restoration Project

Construction of a Refuge Pond on Raymond Wildlife Area for Little Colorado Spinedace

In 2011 the construction of a refuge pond on the Raymond Wildlife Area to preserve Little Colorado spinedace was started. The Raymond Wildlife Area, located near Flagstaff, AZ was chosen for the construction of the refuge pond in order to provide an additional habitat for the East Clear Creek strain of the Little Colorado spinedace.   Little Colorado spindace are currently listed as threatened and studies have shown that each of the 4 species found in the 4  subwatersheds are genetically distinct.The current 4 populations of Little Colorado spinedace are all located on a small geographic area and are extremely vulnerable to being lost in the event of a catastrophic wildfire.

The objective of this project was to provide an additional habitat to sustain a population of Little Colorado spinedace by completing the construction of a refuge pond on the Raymond Wildlife Area. Once completed the refuge pond's water was pumped from a well and then  Little Colorado spinedace were captured from the wild and introduced into the pond. This population is being used to preserve the East Clear Creek lineage and provide fish for stocking. It has also benefited the Northern Leopard Frog. 



AZ Department of Game and Fish

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