The Desert Fish Habitat Partnership FY 2022 Request For Proposals is Open!

+++ Deadline to Apply is 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on May 7, 2021 +++


The Desert Fish Habitat Partnership (DFHP) and our partners are proud to announce our FY 2022 Request for Project Proposals.  As one of 20 federally recognized National Fish Habitat Partnerships (NFHP),  DFHP is a collaborative effort between 11 western states, federal agencies, sovereign tribes, and private conservation groups that seek to cooperatively conserve native desert fish species by protecting, restoring, and enhancing aquatic ecosystems across their historic range.  Project funding is made available to grantees annually through the National Fish Habitat Partnership (NFHP) Board.  

Eligible Projects

NFHP funds must be used for on-the-ground habitat projects and related project design and monitoring activities.  Funds may not be used for research projects. Types of eligible projects may include riparian or instream habitat protections, enhancement, and restoration; barrier removal or construction; range-wide population or watershed habitat assessments to prioritize and plan habitat conservation; and habitat-related community outreach and education actions.

FY 2022 Focal Area

Up to 75% of DFHP’s NFHP funding may be allocated to a specific DFHP geographic region rotating on an annual basis, starting with Basin and Range, and followed by the Lower Colorado, Upper Colorado, and Rio Grande (see map below delineating geographic region boundaries).  It is not guaranteed that a full 75% of NFHP funds must be allocated to projects within the focal geographic region of that year and project submissions from all geographic regions are welcomed and encouraged.  Proposals will continue to be judged on merit, first and foremost.

  • FY2021 – Basin and Range

  • FY2022 – Lower Colorado

  • FY2023 – Upper Colorado

  • FY2024 – Rio Grande


Available Funding

The America's Conservation Enhancement (ACE) Act authorizes an appropriation of $7.2 million in NFHP funds for FY 2022 projects. However, the exact amount of funding available to DFHP varies annually and is not known at this time.  This is a very competitive process and we anticipate the pool of applicants will exceed the available pool of funding. Typical funding per project is in the range of $5k-$50k; however, proposals requesting over $50k are still welcome and considered. There is a new 1:1 non-Federal match requirement, which may include in-kind contributions and cash. Special consideration will be given to projects with more than the minimum non-Federal match.    

DFHP Request for Proposals (RFP) 

Click here to read the full Request for Proposals.   Applications are due by 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time on May 7, 2021.  Late applications may only be considered under special circumstances.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Graves, DFHP Coordinator, at

DFHP Project Application Form 

There are two parts to the proposal.  1) A DFHP Project Cover Sheet and 2) A complete project narrative and budget.   Both parts of the application must be completed for project proposals seeking FY 2022 funding.  Click here to download the document.

DFHP Proposal Evaluation and Criteria Form

This document provides detailed criteria that the DFHP Regional Work-groups and Executive Committee will consider when selecting and scoring projects for funding. Click Here to download the document.