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Bonytail Chub_USFWS
Adult bluehead sucker from the Little Colorado River #littlecoloradoriver #blueheadsucker #azbeauty
Northern Leatherside chub
Warner sucker_Paul Scheerer Oregon DFW
Ash Meadows Amargosa Pupfish_Ryan Hagert
Ash Meadows Speckled Dace_USFWS
Group of Devils Hole Pupfish_Ryan Hagert
Submit your native desert fish photos for a chance to win an exclusive DFHP mug and to have your pho
#blueheadsucker #littlecoloradoriver #suckermouths #septembertravels #nativefishes
3 Devils Hole Pupfish
Adult Flannelmouth sucker #littlecoloradoriver #aznatives #septembertravels #welovenativefishes
Ash Meadows Amargosa Pupfish_2_Ryan Hage
Pecos nobilis AKA Pecos gambusia found in the Springs and cienegas near Balmorhea, TX
Adult and juvenile Comanche Springs pupfish sampled from San Solomon Springs at Balmorhea State Park
Huge Headwater catfish from Balmorhea State Park.jpg This species can only be found in a few  stream
Wall Canyon 2012 223 sm
utah sucker lips
FemaleGilaTopminnowfrom BylasSprings_JJo
heads of hybrid and june
Devils Hole Pupfish_2_Ryan Hagerty USFWS
Pit Sculpin Photo Credit ODFW1
Ash Meadows Speckled Dace_Ryan Hagerty_U
Pit Sculpin Photo Credit ODFW
Moapa Dace_USFWS_1
Flannelmouth Sucker from the Little Colorado River #nativefishes #suckermouths #septembertravels #li
Chub collected during a USFWS native species survey in Arizona

Conserving native desert fish by protecting, restoring, and enhancing their habitats in cooperation with state and tribal fish and wildlife agencies, federal resource agencies, research and private organizations, and engaged individuals.

Looking for Native Desert Fish Photos! 

The Desert Fish Habitat Partnership is constantly on the hunt for good native desert fish photos! If you are interested in having your native fish photos shared with our social media followers, on our website, and our education and outreach materials please send your photos to or tag us on instagram @desertfhp 

Don't forget to send the photo credits and a brief description as well!

Example: This (desert fish species) came from the (river, stream, creek, spring, lake, etc.) in (State).  Photo Credit: First and Last name of photographer, year). 

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