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Restoration Project

San Francisco River Riparian Zone Fence Project on the Black Bob Allotment

Cattle have negatively impacted riparian vegetation and soil stability in the San Francisco River. The existing fence is in disrepair, allowing cattle to access the river and damage riparian area health. Funds will be used to erect one mile of fencing and to install an alternative water source (well). When complete this project, and several related others will exclude cattle from over 13 miles of riparian and instream habitat. This will also benefit the federally protected loach minnow. 

This project will install 1.0 mile of riparian exclosure fencing along the east bank of the San Francisco River. An additional 1.0 mile will be installed under the recently awarded Secure Rural Schools Program. The project will also develop a well system to provide alternative water sources for livestock and wildlife. 

This action will protect the San Francisco River riparian area and stream channel that provides habitat for native fish species. Riparian areas in good ecological health keep water temperatures low, water clarity high, and instream habitat diverse. The project area is designated as critical habitat for loach minnow and narrow-headed garter snake. 

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